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YKSS Anti-bullying strategy

YKSS Anti-Bullying Strategy
Procedures for Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Bullying (including Cyber Bullying)
Yorkeys Knob State School strives to create positive, predictable environments for all students at all times of the day.  The disciplined and teaching environment that we are creating is essential to:
·       achieving overall school improvement, including the effectiveness and efficiency of our student support procedures
·       raising achievement and attendance
·       promoting equality and diversity and
·       ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of the school community.
There is no place for bullying in Yorkeys Knob State School.   Research indicates that both those being bullied and those who bully are at risk for behavioural, emotional and academic problems. These outcomes are in direct contradiction to our school community’s goals and efforts for supporting all students.
Bullying may be related to:
·       race, religion or culture
·       disability
·       appearance or health conditions
·       sexual orientation
·       sexist or sexual language
·       young carers or children in care.
At Yorkeys Knob State School bullying has the following definition
“Bullying is a systematic and repeated abuse of power”. In general bullying may be defined as:
·       dominating or hurting someone
·       unfair action by the perpetrator(s) and an imbalance of power
·       a lack of adequate defence by the target and feelings of oppression and humiliation.
At Yorkeys Knob State School we endorse a three stage process that encourages students to use a variety of strategies to deal with bullying. The three step process is outlined below.
1. “Stop” use a firm hand signal, eye contact and a clear voice.
2. “Walk” away. Remove yourself from the area and vicinity of the person/s
3. “Talk” Find an adult to talk to.